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Like many gaming communities on discord, Sky alliance group is one that has been rapidly growing with coalition members constantly applying to join its ranks, one of them is Free flying who joined a little over month ago.

Slightly prior to joining Free Flying had taken the top spot of the Seasonal Alliance competition placing first in the game, being the freshest and fastest growing Alliance in Airline manager 4. Once Free Flying joined Sky alliance, they where welcomed into the collaborative and supportive community. A few weeks past on and some members of the coalition from Skynet and Free flying began to discuss idea of improvement for the Discord server and further online presence of the coalition along with other members.

This discussion boar fruit with an improved arsenal of tools and knowledge base on the discord server, as well as the production of a community website (this website).

The website project saw a close collaboration of web savvy members from Skynet and Free Flying taking up the initiative in a collaborative manner, while urging other members in coalition who may not be tech savvy to share content for the community site.

if you like to join the Sky alliance coalition for Airline manager 4 as an Alliance please contact us on discord, if you are an Airline Manager 4 looking for an alliance kindly contact one of our members